November 22, 2017
how to trade bitcoin for cash

How To Trade Bitcoin For Cash – Make Cash Trading Crypto

So much of what we are hearing at this point in the news that reports on it is the absolutely amazing price of over $8,200 USD that a single Bitcoin is worth today. This is crazy if you have been following bitcoin for as long as I have been. I […]
November 15, 2017
simulation theory

What Is Reality – Will We Ever Know Or Does Physics Make This Impossible?

I Want To Know What We Are But Are We Setup To Fail From The Start? First off, this is nothing more than my opinion, I am not a theoretical physicist and this is nothing more than an opinion piece without sources, or even so much as a real point. […]
November 10, 2017
best time to buy bitcoin when price is low

Bitcoin Price is Falling – Now a good Time to Buy?

When Is a Good Time To Buy Bitcoin? We can see that Bitcoin price has been falling today, on November 10th. So would that mean that it’s a good time to buy cryptocurrency, while the price is low? Maybe and maybe not. I have seen the price fall before and […]
October 30, 2017
best way to make money with bitcoin

How To Trade Bitcoin For Profit – Make Money Trading Cryptocurrency

What’s The Best Way To Make Money With Bitcoin? Trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or other altcoins for profit can be done with great results. You can easily double your money, or better. But as an unregulated form of currency, you are going to need to use common sense in finding […]