The 3 most simple ways to avoid workplace weight gain

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The 3 simple ways to avoid workplace weight gain

Though you can’t blame your job directly for gaining extra pounds, the risk of the combination of inactivity, sitting up all day in your desk, stress, and too little sleep are obviously undeniable. A new study in United States shows the prevailing relationship present between long hours of desk and rapid growth of obesity in the country.

Though it can be easy to target a less-work at work, it is significantly better to determine the things you can do to stop gaining extra unwanted pounds off your body and address the real problem with real and practical solutions. Here are some practical tips to keep you in-shape while not compromising your job.


Simple changes

One good way to help your body cope with your daily task of sitting in your desk is to make simple alterations on your daily routine. Try making some simple changes in your daily routine such as parking further from your office to get a longer walk, eating better breakfast, drinking more water, and getting enough rest and sleep can spell the difference to your overall health.

  • Go for a walk during your breaks.
  • Cut out the coffee and replace it with water
  • Pack some veggies for easy snack to avoid the vending machine

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Staying active is essential

Getting up from your chair and moving around at least every hour, do a short in-place exercises such as jog-in place, jumping jacks, squats, etc. can help send electric signals from your brain down to your legs and feet to keep it in working shape. Also, doing some simple stretches can help keep the muscles flexible. Walking or running to work instead of driving can really benefit your fight against workplace weight gain.

stay active outside work to avoid workplace weight gain

Eating better is the key

Eating well and eating good food can be quite difficult when in busy day and in a hectic schedule. This why it’s good to plan your meals and snacks before hand to organize your time collectively with your coworkers. Eating well and eating on-time will help keep your metabolism in good shape and your energy up all day. Watch the short video below to learn about this revolutionary red smoothie detox that can be prepared easily, by anyone, with inexpensive ingredients in just minutes.

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