Beet juicing can be healthy but beware of this little known issue

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April 28, 2017
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How to start beet juicing–Safely

Beet juice recipes can be among the most harsh, but also the most effective, of recipes designed to improve long term health through the practice of juicing. Most of the contemporary literature which mentions juicing talks about it as being a way of detoxifying the body and the bloodstream, and it certainly can work wonders in that regard. It is important not to go overboard on detoxification, as there are other issues which are equally important such as getting the right nutrients into your body.

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Beet juice is strong, so it should rarely be taken in alone instead of being mixed with other juices. Certainly, if you are taking the juice as a way of expelling toxins from the body you will need to exercise some caution even if you are normally in good health.

If you already have some existing health conditions such as excessive stomach acid or heartburn you will need to be even more careful with beet juice, in fact it is better to avoid it altogether unless you have an important reason not to. There are less harsh juices such as apple and pear juice which have an eliminatory effect on the body, but which also alkalize the bloodstream.

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It is even more important to be careful with beet juice when you are creating a program for long term nutrition. It is better to place the emphasis on juices which provide nutrients consistently to the body while only having a mild eliminatory effect. Apple and pear juices are the best to start with, especially if you have been displaying symptoms of acidity. Even if you have not, these juices will ensure that you start your program with your body chemistry at the optimum level. You can then add orange juice, and think about juicing vegetables which can add many different nutrients to your diet.

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Is beet juicing a good idea for weight loss?

Adding beet juice recipes at this stage will guarantee that your body has developed the right chemical balance to be able to benefit from them. It is also more than likely that you will have upgraded your kitchen equipment to include a motorized juicer, as this will be needed for some of the more extreme vegetables. A motorized juicer, especially one with gears and variable speeds, will help you to get the most from the raw fruit and vegetables that you juice. In the case of beet juice this only reinforces the need to mix it with milder juices so that the body can cope with it more easily.

There is no substitute for having the correct advice when you begin to plan your juicing program, and this can be difficult to obtain. It is not that there is any shortage of content on the World Wide Web or any lack of coverage in the media; it is just that not everything you read has been written with the right motivation. Sites which appear to be informative are often written purely to try to sell affiliate products, and media articles can be written to endorse a celebrity or their writing. To be certain, you need to find information from more than one source, including those which are known to be reputable.

In the absence of any definitive guidelines, you can assume that beet juice recipes are safe to use in moderation, and for short periods of time. If you are looking to extend this therapy beyond a few weeks, you will definitely need qualified nutritional advice. Keep beet juice mixed in with other juices, and make sure there are some days where none is consumed. Balance and variety will always serve you better, so you can take in all of the nutrients you need. Some of these can come from the other ingredients found in beet juice recipes.

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