Best skin and beauty tips for busy ladies – Short on time? No problem

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July 24, 2018
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July 26, 2018
the best skincare routine for busy ladies

Being a busy lady doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go: Here’s real skin and beauty tips that you can do on the run.

One of the best skin beauty tips is to clean out your skin care closet. Having far too many skin products is not always the best skin care routine. When opening your beauty closet, you may feel overwhelmed. Instead of feeling this way, streamline your routine. You do not need a twelve step program to maintain a healthy skin. You only need a few key products for healthy skin. Firstly check the expiry dates on your products and chuck out all that have expired. Check all creams and moisturizers, where the water has separated from the product. These are spoiled and belong in the trash. Get rid of any products that are not used on a daily basis or have not been used in a month.

Invest in multi-tasking skin care products that will save you time and money. One of the best skin beauty tips is to keep your skin healthy if you don’t want to be fussing over it. By eating a healthy diet and making sure you are well hydrated is the best skin care routine, without using external products. Food that contains antioxidants and drinking lots of water is best. Your skin will reflect what is going on inside your body. Because salt increases dehydration, reducing your salt intake is essential for a healthy skin. Your protein intake should be at least forty percent of you diet as this indirectly influences the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Maintain a good balance in your diet.

What do you do with the excess skin?

You finally did it! You took charge of your life and your appearance and you lost over 100 pounds! You look great, feel great and now want to “tighten up” the folds and flaps of excess skin that result when you lose weight and you are older than 21. Everybody said that you “had such a pretty face” and you showed them the rest of you is pretty too! However, what they didn’t say on “Biggest Loser” or those other weight loss shows is that the result of a long term weight loss is extra bags and lumps that just don’t go away. You need cosmetic skin surgery to tighten up your new look.

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How do you get rid of the excess skin when you’ve lost 50, a hundred, or even more pounds? What do you do to get rid of the “crepey neck,” “batwing arms,” and overlapping belly that falls to your knees? This is when a good plastic surgeon in cosmetic skin surgery comes in handy. No amount of gym work or aerobic exercise will remove those flaps and folds that come with rapid weight loss. The elasticity has gone from our skin and we require cosmetic and plastic surgery to get the tucks back where they belong.

Body contouring is the correct expression for the cosmetic skin surgery for removing excess skin due to extreme weight loss. The procedures are offered by plastic surgeons and can be as simple as a small laser incision and as complicated as miles of skin removal. Each cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure has both its advantages and risks and come with specific instructions for each situation. Before signing a contract with a plastic surgeon, be sure and check for references, talk to patients that have had the procedures, attend any workshops or seminars that are offered, and especially, discuss with former patients their personal experience with this doctor, staff and facility.

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