How to effectively diet during college: Stay focussed and be goal oriented

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Is dieting during college hopeless?

Dieting in college, is it hopeless, or possible? It’s no easy feat to keep a healthy diet while being a college student which is why so many don’t. For many, college is the first time you’re completely responsible for managing your own diet and most people just try to get by with eating whatever they can. This leads to gaining weight since most of the food is unhealthy. But it is possible to diet and lose weight while in college, and here’s how:

Avoid the typical junk food

We’re not saying that you have to give it up completely, but cutting out almost all of the typical student junk food will shed pounds faster than you think. When shopping for food, just stay away from candy bars, chips and other foods that you know are bad for you. Even if you are thinking of trying to find one of the healthier alternative brands next to the greasy, fatty ones you’ll be far too tempted to just get the cheaper option.

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When shopping, go around the outer perimeter of the store. That’s where most of the “real food” is, so make most of your purchases from those areas. Then go ahead and pick one or two items in the naughty foods aisle. If you really must have something sweet that isn’t fruit, get a chocolate bar. Not a Hershey’s bar – go for a dark chocolate alternative. They’re healthier for you and still taste decadent. For crunchy foods, try the dried veggie snaps that are popular now.

No more “fast food” learn to say “no”

This doesn’t just include drive-through. Obviously it’s nearly impossible to beat the upfront price of a drive-through sometimes, but if you really must go then eat something boring at home first. Being fuller will help you make better choices and hopefully make a salad or parfait more appealing. There are fast foods that need to be avoided at home as well.

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Pastas are one of the biggest culprits for weight gain at home. Most of the time, they are cheap enough to buy in bulk without breaking the bank, and people eat a ton of it since they’re hard to portion out. Unfortunately, the carbs rarely get burned and instead just sit on your body. Try buying quinoa as a substitute. It’s not pasta, but it is delicious, goes a long way, and can be seasoned to change the flavor. Not to mention that it’s insanely good for you. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to cook.

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Check for a college food program

There are quite a few schools out there that actually offer food programs at a college level. Check in with the student affairs office and ask them if they either have a program on campus or know of one nearby. They’ll lead you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Just because you might need some assistance doesn’t mean that you’re begging. Plus food programs tend to aim toward giving out at least somewhat healthy proteins and canned fruits/vegetables that will stay good for quite a while and provide you with a lasting food source.

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