Diet myths: To avoid carbs or not to avoid carbs that is the question

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Avoid carbs? Diet myth or good practice?

The word dieting has been used so much for so many different types of diets; it would make your head spin.  Diets normally mean going on an eating habit temporarily and then getting off of that eating habit.  That’s why most diets never end up being successful.  Many people do not know it, but most of these diets are about eating less and avoiding certain kinds of food.  This is not a smart thing to do at all.

avoid carbs or embrace them

Avoid carbs or embrace carbs?

Most dieting works by reducing your calorie intake, which causes your body to feed on itself to maintain proper function.  When your body feeds on itself, this is a way to keep itself alive. The result of your body feeding on itself equals you losing weight. Diets that follow this path are only good for a short period of time.  The problem with your body feeding on itself is when you are short of calories; your body feeds on body tissue that takes the most calories to maintain, which is muscle tissue. You do not want to lose muscle tissue, because muscle helps burn fat.

don't starve yourself of carbs leading to muscle loss

Don’t lose muscle mass due to starving yourself of calories, fat and protein.

When you are dieting with low calories in mind, your body burns away muscle and tries to store fat.  Yes, you start to lose weight and muscle.  You don’t want to lose muscle, you want to lose fat and keep it off.  Once you are on a low calorie diet and get off of this type of diet, you start to put the weight back on.  When you put the weight back on, you are putting on pure fat!

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Putting back on pure fat is simple and the reason for people who do not lose any weight and start to gain weight is simple. During your low calorie diet, you have trained your body to be on guard for potential low calories periods in the future.  When you get off these low-calories diets, your body stays on guard for the future by storing fat just in case you go on another low-calorie period in your life.  Since you have lost calories burning muscle being on these types of diets, you are likely to end up even fatter than you once were before the diet.  Avoid these types of diets at all cost. Losing weight is about eating foods in a smart way.  Eating smart will help you lose weight for life and keep it off!

healthy fats good fats avoid carbs

Are carbs really evil?

Most people think you should avoid carbohydrates completely.  There are some carbohydrates you should avoid and some you should not.  People’s bodies reacts to carbohydrates in different ways.  There is a chart known as the glycemic index (GI) that assign foods a number that indicate how quickly food turns into glucose.

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Glucose is known as blood sugar in your body.  High glucose foods are quickly digested and turn into to glucose in your body.  These foods are less nutritious for you.  Your body produces the hormone insulin through the presence of sugar in your blood.  The role insulin plays in your body is to move sugar that is not being used out of your bloodstream and into your body.

soft drink loaded with sugar high carb

Loaded with sugar, not a good choice, drink water instead.

Foods that are high in sugar or the glycemic index (GI) are digested quickly that flood the body with sugar.  So when glucose is not burned quickly in the body, it is stored as fat by the hormone insulin.  As soon as foods that are high in sugar get stored as fat by insulin, you are hungry again.  So avoid foods that are high in sugar.  Some foods high in sugar foods are pasta, white bread, white rice, snickers bars, sodas and etc. Please see glycemic index for foods with a high glycemic index.

Food with a low glycemic index is digested slowly in the body.  Slow digestion means the glucose from these foods are available as energy for hours.  You store less fat by eating low GI index foods.  Some foods with a low GI foods are chicken, high fiber vegetables, brown rice and etc.  Please see glycemic index chart for foods.

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