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Building Trust Starts By Building Relationships With Your Customers

Email marketing is an important part of internet marketing and is not something you should ignore. Take action today and start selling to your customers over and over again rather than just once. So the title kind of gives away my most important point before I can explain it better. That is, creating a list is one of the most important ways to develop better relationships with your customers. This is commonly known as email marketing and it allows you to build trust but with trust comes responsibility, so my rule of thumb is to offer value.

When you offer real value in the content you are putting out there, you can expect to develop a certain level of trust with your customer base. Giving your customer base something of real perceived value to them in turns helps them to trust you more which happen to be a real, effective method of marketing. Think about it why would someone buy a product or service from you, verses your competitors?  The answer is that you’ve provided them value and they’d rather support someone they trust (obviously) than some random person from who knows where.

The truth is you want to sell a product or service to somebody else and it can oftentimes seem so much easier to just not interact with your customer base and rather, try to get them to click on a display ad from your website or click your CTA (Call-to-Action), this can seem simple, but this is almost no better than trying to convert targeted cold traffic; you may get some sales but your ultimately leaving money on the table.

Things I’ve found useful and some things I Learned the Hard way

If someone had told me, in the beginning, that I should just sign up to every websites mailing list, or pop-up offers, to gain Intel to more effectively market, I would have thought it a strange tactic, however I would have probably saved a bunch of time, rather than doing it all myself and spending a lot of time on it. So by all means get a email address you don’t care about all that much, and do some research, on some popular niche-related websites, and you can save a lot of time. Remember, a popular website has likely put a lot of effort and time into developing their email marketing campaigns so you will have a wealth of knowledge and best of all, it’s’ FREE. I don’t condone copying someone else’s campaign, I would just use it for idea’s and rewrite things in my own words, this way it’s original content and all you have to do is some legwork.

Email marketing will not only help you make more sales; you can also use your list to build a customer base that, if you’ve done your job right, will keep buying products well into the future.

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Creating An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

First thing you will have to look into when considering email marketing and list building is the task of finding an email service for sending your email campaigns. There are some decent providers that are free to get started with but that have limits depending on the size of your list, and there are some paid options. Here’s three popular options that you can have a look at.

AWeber – No free account option but they do offer a 30-day free trial for unlimited subscribers and emails. Basic account is $19.00 per month for up to 500 subscribers. Aweber has a great track record and I find Aweber the best option for the beginner, it’s very user friendly and requires very little setup.

Mad Mimi – Free account is limited to 100 subscribers but unlimited emails. Basic account is $10.00 per month for up to 500 contacts. Visual builder is great, very easy to quickly throw together content, but pricy for sure. One of my accounts was closed completely out of nowhere, I lost all my campaigns that I’d spent a bunch of time on. I will stay away from them in the future, but the choice is yours.

MailChimp – Free account is available which includes 2000 subscribers and a limit of 12000 emails per month. Great tracking and analytics, builder is decent.

The next step is to have a product or niche in mind that has the potential to convert. This step can make or break your efforts so ensure that the quality is there. Ask yourself if the product is good enough as to where you would buy it. Research the product and this can be done by searching out your competition.

So you have an email sending solution, your own domain and an appealing product or series of products that are quality, now you need to lewer people in to sign up for your list. A great way to entice people to give you their email address and sign up, is to offer something for free. You could offer a ebook about something specific in your nice or you could offer them a free course for signing up, the choice is yours.

Ideally you will want to find either a popup or exit intent plugin for wordpress or you could pay for a service, where you design the popup that asks your visitors to sign up. Leadboxes are a good paid option but this can be expensive, so you may be better off with a popup plugin like ninja popups or something similar. The great thing about leadboxes is that they have exit intent where the code can measure when a visitor is about to close the page and will trigger on that exit intent.

Once you’ve done all the legwork, setup your campaign and designed an effective popup, you’ll now have something to work with and can start building those relationships. The only way you can gauge your effectiveness is to test, so get testing and start email marketing today!

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