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March 11, 2017
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Change – It starts with your mind

When you start a fat burning program, you definitely want to have as many people around you that are supportive of your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, this idealistic mindset is tough to achieve in real life. There are literally saboteurs everywhere, its human nature. Sometime people are jealous that you are doing something they can’t or don’t want to do.

This should not change your resolve in burning fat and reaching your weight loss goals, but what you need is to strengthen your willpower and resist their negativity. Whenever possible distance yourself from these negative influences; it’s your life, your fat burning goals and you are the one that ultimately will make it happen. Instead, try go where people celebrate you, your goals and will help encourage you.

Enough negativity brush it off and keep going

Well, the reason why these people adopt such a response to your success is that they are afraid of losing something once the goal is attained. Human nature is at play here. If it is a spouse, he or she may feel threatened by your new look and that you will appear more attractive to others. A sibling may feel they are losing their buddy to share comfort food with them. Sometimes your best friend is sabotaging your fat burning efforts, because they fear losing you to a new circle of friends once you get all the weight off.

Here are some clues to find out if the people around you are friends or foes.

  • Offer you Fattening Foods or undermine you accomplishments – They attempt to stop you by tempting you with your old favorite foods. Solutions summon up your willpower, politely thank them for their “kind” offer and move on. They are definitely your foe, so get away!
  • Negative Comments: leave the negativity behind – Watch for comments such as ”You will never burn all that fat and keep it off” or “You better at your current weight!”, human nature is at play here they are jealous you’re bettering yourself. Again this is a foe, get away.
  • Watching you until you have a weak moment: don’t fall for temptation – Then they pounce and usually revert to step one or two. Remember we are not perfect beings. When you slip, move on forget about it and resume your new habits and review your fat burning goals. If you have favorite picture from a time when you looked good, keep it handy and look at. This will re-motivate you in these tough circumstances.
  • Constant Criticism: unhelpful, unsupportive toxic people need to go! – They have a habit of criticizing everything you do and constantly try to get you out of your new fat burning habits. Let’s say it’s a parent or relative, what do you do? They are the people close to and you feel guilty avoiding them. Well, the easiest solution is to learn to ignore these remarks, and move on with your fat burning program. Don’t let them get to you and avoid them, if possible.

You should attempt to reassure them that things will not change in your relationship when you achieve your fat burning weight loss goals. The only thing changing is your weight and your lifestyle and you are doing this for yourself and your health. Reassure them that you will be around longer because you burned all that fat and you will still love them. Remind them that if you don’t do this your health could suffer. Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart attacks strokes and other serious health maladies.

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Well I hope this quick rundown will help you stay motivated! Remember this is a permanent lifestyle change, not some fad or gimmick diet. It can take up to 8 weeks to ingrain these new habits. So if you backtrack, don’t fret. Get back on track and keep going, you deserve it and you ARE worth it.

If you need a structured program to help you check out my Fat Burning tips Reviews. These are lifestyle changing programs that work. I am a family practice doctor and I know what does and doesn’t work. Remember you want to feel better, have more energy, improve your self esteem and look good in that bathing suit! So don’t procrastinate, get started TODAY!


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