Is AI Or Artificial Intelligence a Threat To Our Future?

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Is artificial intelligence a threat to the future of our species? Is the human race doomed to be integrated with life altering technology? Is bioengineering already taking place in human trials?

Artificial intelligence is currently being implemented into technologies and we must be weary of such innovations and know what they represent for our future as humans.

What happens when AI and mechanization take over, what does this mean for society in general? Well, it will make life easier, but this will have to come at the cost of the worker. So we can expect a future that is uncertain with respect to the status quo of where we are now with respect to western civilization. There will have to be a massive paradigm shift into a direction that moves us as members of society away from a dependance on monetary gain. We will no longer be capable of trading our labors for the fruits of capitalism. It is inevitable, but many questions remain and is our leadership even in a position of understanding the full implications this will have on society as a whole?

Mechanization is already in action so to speak with regard to the auto industry among many others which are replacing highly specialized jobs already and have definitely had an affect on the current job market and will only stand to further displace highly specialized jobs. One must think as to whether it is ideal or logical to get a highly specialized education, with such a uncertain future for these specialized fields.

Never before has there been such a threat to our basic human condition than now. Bioengineering is real and currently there are human trials underway for what can only be described as “vaccine 2.0”. The new round of “vaccines” have an ability to alter genes and basically change a humans biological make up, and permanently alter DNA to the point where synthetic antibodies can fight disease.

This however presents another whole range of issues, human DNA would be permanently altered and passed down through generations, effectively reducing our natural human state to the point of genetic human hybrid. Would this form of bioengineering

The questions remain and we need some tough discussions on what future we as humans will make for ourselves.

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