Men diet differently than women — What we know and how to fight back

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March 2, 2017
men and women diet differences

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Men and women differences in dieting practices

The New England Journal of Medicine finally came out with a study saying that the way to lose weight is to eat less, not to focus so much on balancing carbs, fats, and proteins, but to eat fewer calories. Duh? The brilliant researchers in this study also came to the obvious conclusion that men and women function differently, diet differently, lose weight differently.

Feeling smarter yet? But what you might not have known is that cutting calories can be done in several strategic ways that produce better results than others. And apparently men have different results largely because men do it differently, because:

1. Men can “just say no” to bad foods:

They have used PET scans to monitor the brain, and men were able to suppress hunger and satiate hunger. Women will continue to crave good and high caloric foods, even after being specifically told to turn their thoughts elsewhere. In short, women are more likely to participate in emotional eating. Men did not suffer the same problems.

men say no to junk food

2. Women focus on the healthy isles

A woman starts going first to the health isles, the fruit isles, the vegetable isles, wheat bread, etc. They check labels, they consult professionals, etc. And while it would be better to stay away from these foods altogether, many women replace their favorite foods with lower calorie versions of the same thing. Men think that if it’s chicken, it’s automatically healthy.

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women shop healthier than men

3. They compete

While women have Curves, Weight Watchers, etc. to try to “hold hands” and show moral support, men have a different approach entirely. Weight loss becomes a sport to them, they want to show each other up, forget holding hands. Women will agree to go buy new outfits when they both reach their goal, men will beat each other that they can lose the weight first and then collect $100. Men run the risk of losing something or the benefit of gaining something. Women have some kind of everybody wins playing field.

men are better competitors than women

4. Guys don’t care

You may have noticed that when men get married, they are more likely to let themselves go, because they have the prize. Women on the other hand are constantly competing with other women in such a way that they compete for social acceptance. In addition, you could consider many a NFL player, whose 300 lbs. guts hang over their pants at all time, and they don’t care! In fact they take pride in their weight! Women on the other hand, even the ones who pretend to be proud fat women, tend to have serious concerns to the point that you will never see a 300 lbs. woman showing off her fat, or not in most cases.

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men care less about diet than women

5. Muscles are beneficial

When a woman thinks about gaining muscle, she thinks about gaining bulk and looking like a gladiator, which is not so appealing for most women. Men think about beating all the guys and “pumping iron” to impress the ladies. They don’t want to be scrawny or skinny. To lose significant amounts of fat, you have to have a certain amount of muscle. It doesn’t have to be bulky, but women run away from it while men run towards it.

So when it comes down to it, while women have a couple advantages over men, they are few and far between. Men hold the overall advantage in losing weight. But then we already knew that. We just didn’t necessarily know the fine tools and mechanisms of it all.

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