What is reality? Will we ever know or does physics make this impossible?

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simulation theory

I want to know what we are but are we setup to fail from the start?

First off, this is nothing more than my opinion, I am not a theoretical physicist and this is nothing more than an opinion piece without sources, or even so much as a real point. All theories are just that, they are theories and as our understanding of science progresses we may not be constrained by laws like those that were generally accepted by the likes of Einstein. We only accept them as theory until something better comes along so, with this giant grain of salt I bring you my own personal theories.

So the theory that we are presented with in modern times and is most generally accepted as of now is that the universe is expanding at the speed of light. This would prevent us from ever reaching the “edge” of the universe where we could possibly find out what is actually going on. Now I’ve never wanted to face the stark reality that we may be in a simulation, but it would seem that these “laws of physics” which are generally accepted, will prevent us from ever actually realizing what this all is.

The reason that this would prevent us from ever fully realizing what’s actually going on in our universe, is that we accept that within the realm of physics we could only ever theoretically travel at the speed of light, so if this is true then we will never be able to get to the edge of the universe, even if we travel at the speed of light, for the time the universe has been expanding, for billions of years, we can never make it to the edge. Is this evidence of a simulation? Are we destined to fail to ever know fully what are reality is? We can never know what exactly is there, beyond this expansion, therefore we are destined to never know, in are accepted set of scientific theories that would claim it an impossibility to ever “get there”.

I tend to believe that this must be a simulation because the laws of physics constrain us from ever knowing the truth of what this reality is. Someone asked me one time how I could explain randomness, if this was a simulation, I replied, can the seemingly random, not be programmed into reality? What even is randomness, I would argue that what we perceive as random events could be programmed to appear random, is that not possible?  According to physics we will never know, even if we started travelling at the highest possible speed, the speed of light, we will never catch up to the expansion, that we are told is happening at the speed of light, seems like we are constrained to never make it there, and never are going to be allowed to know. Even if we were travelling at the speed of light, the billions of years of expansion would mean that we are always billions of years behind this expansion.

Say we take the most powerful telescope and peer into our universe, we only can see the past, not the now, we will unfortunately ever know what lies at the edge of this expansion. My friends, we are destined to fail, no matter what, and this leads me to believe that we may be in a programmed reality, made as such, so we never will know.

I am very interested in any input so feel free to comment on where you are coming from and if you think this theory holds any water, so to speak.

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