Skin beauty and diet tips for today’s working women PLUS healthy snack tips

the best skincare routine for busy ladies
Best skin and beauty tips for busy ladies – Short on time? No problem
July 24, 2018
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beauty health and diet tips for busy women

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Most professional women barely have the time to apply makeup or pay attention to skin and beauty tips. Holding down a full time job, bringing up a couple of kids, and having a husband takes all your time. Time for skin beauty tips is non- existent. One would have to make a point of taking out time for oneself, to pay attention to these issues. This is a point that all working women should bear in mind. Every working women needs to take out time for herself.

Professional working women need to have access to some tried and true skin and beauty tips. With very little time to spare, skin beauty tips that are quick can refresh and renew her look in an instant. A woman who is taking on several roles does not even have time to think about applying makeup. Using a little concealer and powder on blemishes or those dark circles under your eyes can make a difference and take less than two minutes. You should also apply eye drops to keep those eyes nice and bright. Give your eyes definition with a single coat of mascara. Enhance eyes with a light coat of eye shadow. These skin beauty tips should only take a few seconds.

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Lipstick or lip stain will draw attention and lip-gloss will make your lips look fresh and soft. Try whichever you prefer as the mood takes you. A few different types of hair accessories are always a good investment when it comes to skin and beauty tips. Pinning your hair up or back only takes about 30 seconds and always gives that sophisticated look. Hairspray and hair gel help to preserve and hold the look and style. Before leaving, spray a little perfume or body spray. It only takes about seven minutes to put on a whole new look. Give yourself those seven minutes.

Low carb snack ideas

Low carb diets are a popular way for busy women to lose weight. Minimizing the intake of carbohydrate rich foods like potatoes, breads, and pastas can help encourage weight loss. These diets are often difficult to maintain during hunger attacks between meals. Low carb snacks are a quick and easy way to maintain a diet and enjoy eating tasty foods.

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Low carb snacks are generally not available pre-packaged or are loaded with sugars and starches. Preparation is required beforehand, so it’s usually best to make these snacks the day before or have them purchased and on hand in case of sudden hunger. Pre-portioning the snacks is also important to maintain a diet, and to help prevent overeating.

Low carb snack examples

  • Nuts are fast and easy low carb snacks. They can be toasted or eaten raw, and can be purchased pre-salted. Ensure before purchasing that the nuts have no added sugar. Nut butters like peanut butter, acorn butter, and almond butter can be spread over vegetables or other mediums to make a quick delicious snack.
  • Vegetables of all kinds can be transformed into healthy snacks or eaten raw. Stuffing vegetables with cheese and grilling or baking them is fast and healthy. Mushrooms are purchased bite sized and can be stuffed, grilled, or marinated. Fruit has less healthy options when eaten any way but raw. Try mixing diced fruit, chopped nuts, and granola clusters with yogurt.
  • Boiled eggs are fast and easy to make, and extra taste can be added with salt. If extra time is available, deviled or another kind of stuffed egg can be prepared. Try using cheese, fish, sausage, and other low carb ingredients to create a personalized stuffed egg recipe.
  • Salads can be premade and customized to fit personal tastes and diets. Try substituting lettuce leaves for spinach. Check all salad dressings before using to ensure they fit in with the chosen diet. Cheese, grilled meats, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts can all be added to a salad to make it a low carb snack.
  • Roll-ups are Asian influenced snacks that allow ingredient swapping. Wrap vegetables, spreads, and cheese in meat. These can be a kind of carb free sandwich. Lettuce can also be used as the wrap, with egg, tuna, or chicken salad inside.
  • Jello is a sweet and inexpensive snack that can be enhanced by adding nuts and various fruit. Ensure that any purchased Jello is sugar-free. Many flavors are available to suit any taste. Jello is quick and easy to make, or can be stored in the refrigerator for later.

Benefits of a low carb diet Are they Really Good for Dieting?

Low Carb Foods have become a favorite in today’s lifestyle. However, a few people are wondering if Low Carb Foods are really good for dieting. The answer to this question is a big definite YES. However, anyone can over do a diet. Many people have become addicted to Low Carb Foods not realizing that the body needs some high-energy foods as well. There is a huge controversy about whether or not a low carb diet benefits or harms people more than it helps. Many doctors have determined that there are long-term risks of developing very serious diseases. They concluded that there were side effects such as weakness, dizziness tiredness, and in some cases insomnia, and nausea. Many people do not believe this as there has been no substantial proof that this sort of diet will harm you.

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A Low Carb Food diet will be one of the best decisions you can ever make. It will not only help you lose weight it will also help prevent health problems.

Low Carb Foods produce a lot of insulin, which your body needs to help fight diseases, and they are great for losing weight. That is why so many doctors and nutritionists insist that you go on a Low Carb Food diet. These diets are recommended for people that are obese and need less carbohydrate and more proteins and fats. These foods are also used to treat epilepsy and diabetes. Insulin is an effective hormone that is produced by the pancreas. It is to lower your body’s blood sugar level when it gets low. Carbohydrates convert this hormone much faster than the fatty cells and the protein cells. Insulin will alert your body when to release the stored fat to your body. Some fats cannot be used for energy so the insulin will prevent them from being released, thus a person cannot gain any weight.

Low Carb Foods are stored in the body as and are quickly released into the blood stream. Some Low Carb Food diets use them to produce less insulin so that the body will burn more fatty tissues. High fiber foods, such as vegetable and fruits, broccoli, spinach, and other greens will boost your Low Carb Food diet. However, you should stay clear from foods that have high preservatives, and cured types of meat. Preservatives have lots of unwanted elements in them that are not good for you. Fish is a very good Low Carb Food as well as cheese products. Some foods to stay away from while you are on your Low Carb Food diet are breads, rice, pasta, deserts, potatoes, and other starchy and sweet foods.

People should stay on Low Carb Food, it is much better to portion out a good food plan; for instance, instead of over filling your plate with the food that you like, you should cut back to one piece of meat, and one dip of potatoes, but try to stay away from bread. Also, do not run to the fridge in between meals. Once your body gets used to not eating as much, eating will then stop being an addiction.

Remember that you are in charge of your body; your body is not in charge of you.


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