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Keeping track of your caloric intake on a day-to-day basis can be difficult, especially if you aren’t used to understanding how the foods you eat are processed by your body. Reading labels is something that we may not do automatically when we’re familiar with the food, but once you start on a weight loss regimen, it becomes a second nature. Reading labels and calorie counting helps you understand on what you are “spending” your calories during the day. Sometimes it comes as a shock that a particular type of food you are eating is packed with calories, and it’s not even something you enjoy that much – maybe it’s convenient or simply a routine. Smartphone apps can make it easier to manage.

Apps for diet tracking

When you start a diet, you’ll want to establish how many calories per day you are able to ingest to begin losing weight. Many websites will actually help you adjust your caloric intake to ensure you lose weight at a certain rate by entering your current weight and height. A calorie “budget” will be assigned per day, and you keep track of what you eat, trying not to go over that maximum calorie limit. But how do you keep track of every calorie you eat? With huge number of Smartphone users these days, there are tons of apps and other mobile tools that can help you reach your weight loss goals. These are some of our favorites.

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Lose it

Lose it is an app designed for creating a complete weight loss plan that is suited to your individual BMI and built-in meal calorie tracker. Works with Iphone or Android operating systems and is a great choice for its database of food information. You can even use the app to scan UPCs.

loseit iphone diet tracking app

3 week diet

The 3 Week Diet is a comprehensive set of e-books that offer a structured plan for weight loss. You can use this on any smartphone, tablet or computer. What sets the 3 week diet apart from others is that they offer a full 60-day guarantee. I had great results with this one and managed to lose 23 pounds in a little over a month, I highly recommend the 3 week diet. Click here to watch a video about the specifics.

3 week diet review


FatSecret is a website that supports you on your weight loss journey and can be used free of charge. It offers forums and other interactive elements, and you can enter your calories directly into the web browser, by searching for specific foods. However, the app they created is a great tool to use with dieting. You can scan labels of food if you don’t know what to search – for example, a specific type of yogurt – and it will enter the calorie count in for you. This also lets you preemptively enter foods to see where it will put you at your daily calorie count.

fatsecret diet app android


Pact is a great free app that can help you to manage weight loss and track your progress in a simple manner. Pact challenges you by placing money if you choose, on the line. You can make money from this act if you successfully complete your “pact”, otherwise you can lose money, if you fall short. This offers a great motivator, if you’re looking for a challenge, in that sense. For some “pact” can be that social contract, so to speak, that they need to have success.

pact weight loss app diet iphone android


MyFitnessPal is another calorie tracker and also a popular app for dieters. It was rated the number one preferred app by Good Housekeeping. They pointed out that in the app, the labels of foods scanned correctly four out of five times. You’re also able to enter food into your Smartphone even if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or the mobile web, and your mobile device will then sync automatically to update your food log.

my fitness pal app diet smartphone calorie diet

Diet hero

The Diet Hero app is unique in that you input the food you have and the types of meals you enjoy and diet hero does the rest. This revolutionary diet app will tell you what to eat and what portions you should consume. Not only can it plan calorie conscious meals for you, it allows you to substitute ingredients that you may not enjoy, for others you may enjoy. Sorry Android this app is only for Iphone, at this time.

diet hero best app for meal planning weight loss smartphone android

Metabolic cooking

Metabolic cooking is a series of proven, metabolism boosting and delicious fat burning recipes that promise to be your go-to guide on cooking with superfoods. You can use their recipes on any device because they come in the form of an ebook. Simply download the ebook and you are on your way to supercharge meals that no one will know are so healthy. They offer everything from healthy snack options to breakfast, lunch and dinner. You would be hard pressed to find delicious recipes like they offer anywhere else. Have a look here for more information.

metabolic cookbook ebook app

Google maps

You might think this doesn’t belong on a list of effective apps for calorie tracking, but the best part of Google Maps it gives you the distance from one point to another. You can use this feature to plan exercise on the go. For example, if you’re deciding whether to hop on public transportation to go somewhere, have a look at your Google Map app and see how many miles your destination actually is. If your goal is to talk at least a mile per day, and you have an opportunity then do so, you’ll know that you got your exercise for the day.

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