Your smartphone can be your dieting coach – Technology for weight loss

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Smartphone dieting coach?

There are a number of devices on the market that are designed to track your fitness goals, including pedometers, blood pressure monitors, and heart rate monitors. There’s one device, that almost everyone has available to them when they start on an exercise program: their phones. If you’re like most people, you already bring your phone into the gym or outside with you to listen to music, but that phone can do much more. The average Smartphone is only getting smarter, and by exploiting your phone’s features to their fullest you can get more out of your workout.

Smartphone built-in apps

You can start by using the features your phone already has. For example your system clock has a timer, and you can use that to track the length of time you’re running or biking. There are almost certainly several options for tracking your actual workout. The obvious choice is the memo or notepad app that comes with your phone, but if you find that too cumbersome, you can always fall back on texting your weight and reps to yourself.

best apps for losing weight

Is there an app for that? Apps for tracking

Maybe you have been thinking about getting a pedometer or you have one but found you never remember to put it on. A pedometer app for your phone is an easy solution. It’s inexpensive – a few dollars at most instead of the $60 or more you’ll pay for a quality pedometer. In addition, you’re much more likely to remember to bring your phone with you when you leave the house than you are to bring a separate device.

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You can even find apps that will track your workouts and your miles walked each day and analyze that data or send it to your computer for further analysis. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on trends and make sure you are constantly pushing yourself to go further and be healthier. Some apps will also allow you to track the amount of calories you have eaten during the day and compare the amount you have coming in to the amount of exercise you have going out, which is excellent for weight loss regimens.

weight loss technology

If you have discovered a specialty exercise regimen on the internet that you’re interested in trying, you can almost certainly find an app for it. If you’re interested in doing 100 pushups or situps a day, there’s an app to guide you through that regimen.

Video and technology for weight loss

You can even find apps that will give you an entire workout regimen complete with videos, whether you are interested in caveman workouts, body-weight workouts or any other popular exercise system. By looking around to see what’s available in your phone’s app store, you can lose weight without a lot of expensive equipment or a personal trainer. I found Yoga Burn to be a great video series, no need for expensive yoga classes and I could do it from home without all the stress. To see more about Yoga Burn click here.

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