The amazing health benefits of wheatgrass juicing and how to get started

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The benefits of juicing wheatgrass

One nutritional juice beverage that’s rapidly becoming quite popular is wheatgrass juice. Not only is it a precious dietary source of energy, but it’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals which are important for keeping good health, including beta-carotene and Vitamin B-complex.

Wheatgrass holds a variety of distinct nutritive materials that could have a profound effect in your health. Now, as we’re subjected to various toxins from the air we breathe to the food we consume, people are beginning to understand the importance of detoxification, since our bodies can only take so much before health problems appear.

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The important nutrient in wheatgrass is the “blood” of plants, chlorophyll. Wheatgrass includes a much higher percentage of chlorophyll than other green vegetables, possibly as high as 70 percent. This fact makes wheatgrass sought after as a treatment for colon cancer.

Chlorophyll also leads to wheatgrass’ standing as an agent of detoxification. Wheatgrass can be said to purify the liver and neutralize toxins within the body. Wheatgrass can be said to stop cancer, increase blood flow, and promote digestion.

For all of these reasons, wheatgrass has turned into a popular ingredient in lots of juicing recipes. Wheatgrass can be purchased over the counter at trendy juice bars or fresh in the produce department at your local health food store. Wheatgrass is also available as fresh or frozen juice, in pills or in powder form.

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How to juice wheatgrass properly:

First chop the leaves that are washed into smaller pieces so that it’ll be easier to juice them when preparing fresh wheatgrass at home. Remember that a conventional electric blender is useless for this particular purpose.

Even centrifugal juicers only are incapable of pressing on the genuine fluid from the wheatgrass in a style that a masticating juicer can. A particular juicer referred to as a “masticating” juicer is the best choice when it comes to juicing wheatgrass.

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The resultant juice from the masticating machine may also be combined with other recipes made by your standard juicer or blender. Yes, perhaps it’s a bit more trouble but the healthful benefits are definitely worth the added effort. The notion would be to take out only the liquid.

Lots of people find the flavor of wheatgrass really unappealing. To make wheatgrass palatable, add ginger or a little honey flavoring to conquer the bitter taste. Other juicing aficionados mix wheatgrass with:

  • carrot,
  • cucumber
  • apple juice
  • parsley, kale, celery, dandelion, or alfalfa sprouts.

Do not forget that wheatgrass should be consumed immediately after juicing or within a half hour of juicing. When you drink wheatgrass you’ll get an instant jolt.

Due to wheatgrass’ strong cleansing effect much of the juice can cause nausea and stomach upset. It’s also wise to space out the volume of wheatgrass consumed throughout the day to prevent stomach responses. Never drink wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach.

Wheatgrass health benefits include:

  • reduced inflammation
  • better sleep
  • fewer cravings
  • improved mental clarity
  • boosted immune system

Wheatgrass juice, like all green juices, shouldn’t be consumed in excess. Just a tip, add honey as a sweetener and fresh ginger or garlic as a spice. Look at Geri’s Fat Burning Fingerprint results after just one month. Click here or her picture below to learn more!

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