Weight loss and depression healing — Coming to grips with this illness

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October 13, 2018
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weight loss and depression are connected

Healing from depression without medication

Weight gain and depression appear to go hand in hand for many reasons. One of the elements of this problem is when you’re depressed, it’s difficult to work up the motivation to really go for a run or out to the gym, leading to more inactivity and ultimately more depression. As a result, body aches and pains are all too common, adding to the demand for rest and lowered physical activity.

To top it off, many drugs on the market fabricated to mitigate depression may add a heightened appetite and weight gain as a side effect, leading to lethargy and overeating. Your body appears to be fighting with you at every turn, but there are things you certainly can do to mitigate depression.

Healthy cooking really matters

Beginning to cook for yourself can be an important motivator in your recovery since diet plays a significant part in mental health. If you’re preparing home made variations of popular comfort foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, or chicken wings, maybe those aren’t the best choice. Think about some healthier variations you could cook, start small and work up to a whole meal. Try to stay away from highly processed foods, especially those the likes of frozen TV dinners. However, they’re significantly better for you than the fast food and may cause a feeling of achievement, as well as leaving you fuller for longer.

healthy cooking matters

Low impact exercises are key

Exercising is good for your body as well as your brain. The stretching exercises will probably be beneficial to your muscles and joints, and the meditative aspects of such exercise can be another tool in your arsenal to battle depression. Think of depression as a staircase, at the bottom of the stairs it seems like such a enormous chore, but every step you take reinforces you. Each step gets you closer to the top of the stairs and every small step reinforces the step before the next. Small victories lead to bigger victories that get you closer to your goal of overcoming this debilitating condition. One step at a time.

swimming low impact depression fighting exercise

Medication and weight gain cycle one can lead to the other

In the event you consider it’s related to your medication and are seeing substantial weight gain, talk to your physician. There might be other drug choices available and each drug will affect your system differently, especially if you’re not finding much benefit from the drug.

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Specific drugs may well not really cause weight gain, but another side effect, increased hunger. In such a case, in the event the drug is working well otherwise, maybe consider substituting a fat burning supplement and vegetables at night time, along with healthy snacks with fresh fruits during the day.

how to cure depression without medication

Diet, exercise, and appropriate rest are important

Preserving a healthy diet, constant low impact exercise, and having a stable quantity of sleep per week are all great ways to deal with, and perhaps alleviate depression. Since weight gain is not common with a nutritious diet, exercise,  along with many medicines should take a vanguard in your program to ensure you can contend with, and possibly relieve, you melancholy in the future.

Depression could be a very hard condition to live with, one that does real damage to both your body and your mind. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that you’re taking great care of both with the correct strategies in place.

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