What is the best antivirus software and why you need it

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Why You Should Have Antivirus Protection

The internet today is loaded with threats. It is more important than ever to ensure that you are fully protected from the major threats that exist throughout the world wide web, find out what the best protection is and why you need it below.

Everything from identity theft to websites that are designed to steal your personal information and infect your computer, the dangerous world of the internet makes for a challenging online minefield for the inexperienced user and as such you need protection from the best antivirus software available today.

There are free antivirus software but odds are they are not as good at blocking threats, most offer premium protection for affordable pricing but might not pick up on threats so the tradeoff is real.


Norton Antivirus

Norton offers a great antivirus plan that has support for up to 10 devices. This means you can use it for your desktop (including mac), smartphones and tablets so you are entirely protected. You can get it for a special introductory price by clicking the image below.

Norton has been around for years and as such has developed a reputation as one of the best antivirus programs in 2018 and beyond. You can trust Norton antivirus to be all the protection you need for all your devices.

There are also some good free antivirus software out there that you can check out. Oftentimes they are not as good as the premium versions at detecting threats but for basic protection they do help.

AVG Free antivirus

If you are looking for the best free antivirus software then your best rated choice would likely be AVG free antivirus. They perform moderately well for free antivirus and have been known to have a greater range of detections than other comparable free antivirus software.

AVG free offers protection for scanning files, email scanning, browser protections and much more.

The only downsides are that AVG free is somewhat annoying in constantly prompting you (the user) to purchase the full premium version of the software. When you typically as a user want to be free of annoying advertisements, then you may want to consider a good premium antivirus like the Norton antivirus above for a solution that is affordable and doesn’t include ads to upgrade your protection everywhere, like AVG free does.

Other than that though, AVG is known for being very user friendly and simply explains the technical things to that the average user can understand. It cuts out the highly technical jargon and even though the ads can be annoying it is surprisingly user friendly.


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